Large Antler Knife

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✖ Large Antler Knife ✖ 

This is a handmade one of a kind piece made from : Deer Antler, Damascus steel, Faux leather cord, and up-cycled vegetable tanned leather cut off pieces for the sheath.

I have focus on making quality pieces with practicality and a connection to nature.

◆ The large knife blades are 6cm in length, and 1.8cm at the base of the width.

◆ The leather sheaths are attached to the strap and cannot be lost. They are pulled down the strap to cover the blade for safety. It will not move or come off the blade unless you move it. The sheaths are hand sewn by me.

◆ The antlers used are naturally shed by the deer or up-cycled pieces.

✖ Due to the size of the blade, there are generally no problems in carrying this knife. However this can change depending on your location. When acquiring a knife, please make yourself aware of the knife carrying laws in your country/state. Please be responsible and take care.

                                                      ✖✖✖ FIRE ADDITION INFORMATION: ✖✖✖

 The ferro rod toggle piece is for fire-making.  It attaches onto the cord.  When striking the back side of the knife blade on the rod, it creates sparks, which can create fire.

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