The Artist


Jenna Collins //  based in Australia.

From a young age, I have explored various forms of creative expression in handcrafts, always drawn to traditional techniques and the art of crafting from raw materials. My current focus lies in stoneware ceramics, knives, and bonsai pottery.

My ceramics are distinguished by my Chinese name, written in script (琳). A name given to me by my grandmother, meaning "Beautiful Jade."

I am deeply passionate about the healing potential of art and nature on mental health. My personal experiences have taught me that deep emotions are a gift, connecting me profoundly to my art. Crafting and nature immersion have become forms of healing, expression, growth, and meditation for me. Working with my hands is essential to my life, with each material I use serving as its own unique guru.

Raised with a strong bond to nature and outdoor adventure, I developed a self-reliant mindset, eager to learn the roots of various forms of craftsmanship. Whilst traveling lightly and embracing the natural world, my interest in wilderness survival led to the creation of the Antler Knives and Fire Starters.

My work focuses on merging practicality and aesthetics, minimalism and materialism. Finding inspiration in the organic and the urban, and blending different mediums, materials, and elements with heartfelt passion and meaning.

I hope that a dash of nature and humanity can be brought to you through each piece. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

With warm regards,

Jenna // 琳