The Archetypal Wild

I’ve been musing on my time living in FNQ, both rainforest and dry country, and how the archetype of the the wild self personified through us, and what existing in those environments taught. The time living in Emerald Creek with Phil was one of the most potent times of my life, and I don’t know if I can ever express everything I received from it in words. But here’s some words.

The wild self was in observing the surroundings in silence.
To become differently sensitized to the subtleties of nature.
To merge into the ecosystem, until you almost vanish from the linear eye.
Then to work with it, in ways that suit all.

To not doubt your inherent connectedness.
To know of quiet, inaudible wisdom, that was not preached onto you, and that needs not preaching, or even sharing, but just to be lived.

That that wisdom can speak in metaphor, and rarely in words.
It can exist in signs and symbols,
Intuition and in the hawk-eyed.
In tears, composure, presence and balance,
In humble being,
In your energy as you just do you,
And for me,
It’s also in my crafts and creations.

The places taught me to sink into the equality of amicable differences.
To be completely at home in your emotions, and to welcome them as part of the experience of deep living.

To find God in the details. In the kookaburras and the sun rise every. single. morning.
To need not assert or prove oneself.
To wake with fresh eyes each day
And recognize and appreciate the beautiful and interesting nuances of the place and person that’s always beside you, and always changing.
I hope that my crafts can bring you into deeper connection and awareness with your natural environments, which bleeds into finding oneself internally, by finding the external environment.

I hope they can be a symbol of connection to the natural world, as that is what they express from within me. Emerging through me in a language older than words.

I hope that they can represent the holding of a touch of nature, when you cannot touch nature itself.